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Modern Sewing Machine Maintenance

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By purchasing this course, you acknowledge and agree that:

*Sewing Doc Academy, or any person, instructor, or employee associated with Sewing Doc Academy, is NOT responsible for any damage sustained to any sewing machine.  We provide as much thorough and accurate detailed instruction as possible, but by removing the covers and getting into the machine, damage and accidents are always possible.

*By opening up your machine yourself, you will void any warranties you still have with your machine.  Most warranties expire after the first year or two of your purchase, but we do advise you to check with your dealer on your warranty status before proceeding.

*The following machines are NOT specifically included in this program:  Viking Epic series, Brother Luminaire and Stellaire, Babylock Solaris and Altair, Janome M7 and M17, Pfaff Creative Icon series, Bernina 4, 5, 7, or 8 series, and any machine with a camera, projector, or advanced voice-command system.  You can use what you learn in this program to maintain these machines, but the risk of damage or issues is much higher with these machines, but Sewing Doc Academy will NOT offer any specific instruction or guidance on these machines.  We reserve the right to add more machines to this list as needed.  If you aren't sure, ask before your purchase this program.

*This is a MAINTENANCE program, NOT a repair program.  This is meant to help you maintain your machine, and will not cover ANY adjustments, timing or otherwise, computer board malfunctions or issues, or replacement of any major parts of the machine.  If you aren't sure about your particular machine, please ask before proceeding with your purchase.

*This program is opening in test/BETA mode - not all material will be fully complete when opened.  Guidance will be available to help you with your specific machines or issues while in this test/BETA phase, but do expect occasional delays while we are still building this program.  Some features, such as the private Facebook group and private community, may not be offered as part of the final program.

*All sales are final - no refunds with the purchase of this program.

Andi Barney

Andi Barney, owner and founder of Sewing Doc and Sewing Doc Academy, began servicing vintage and antique machines as a hobby in 2010.  As an avid collector, and hands-on, curious learner, she begin the search for knowledge and instruction on how to clean, service, restore, and repair machines.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much available, and there were no schools, colleges, or programs available.  Thankfully the internet provided crumbs, but much of the information was sketchy, even downright wrong.  The Academy was born due to a lack of skilled, reliable technicians available in most communities.

ALL procedures taught in the Sewing Doc Academy are the same procedures used daily in the Sewing Doc professional service shop.  On average, we service, resore, and repair 1000 - 1200 machines a year.

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You have Questions, We have Answers....

Q:  Do I have to pay a fee every month?  
A:  At the launch of this program, the entry fee is a one-time-only fee.  So when you pay $249, you have access to the modules for life.    

Q:  When does the workshop end?  
A:  This is the best:  it doesn't!  It lasts forever… or as long as you need it to!  There is no end or timeline for this course, so you jump in any time and come back to it any time you need to.    

Q:  Who is this course for?  Can just anyone take it?  
A:  Yes!  This course is for anyone interested in learning to clean, lubricate, and care for sewing machines.  Young, old, retired, people that work full-time, people that are just curious, hobbyists, people with lots of machines, people that only have one machine, people wanting side/retirement/full-time income.  Everyone is welcome!    

Q:  I'm not good with tools, will I be okay taking this class?  
A:  YES!  If you don't feel confident using tools, I promise, you're going to be okay in this course.  I wouldn't have considered myself "mechanically inclined" when I first started working with machines, either.  Many of us are, and we just don't know it yet.  There is actually very little done with tools in the class.  This workshop will be a source of empowerment and confidence for you, I can promise you that!  In my in-person classes (before Covid), I had ladies insist that they bring their husband because they were too afraid of the tools, but I encourage EVERYONE to give it a try because I promise you, you can do it.    

Q:  What machines are covered in this course?  
A:  This workshop covers almost all "modern" home domestic sewing machines, including those with computers.  It does NOT cover any commercial/industrial machines, sergers, embroidery-specific components or embroidery-only machines, chain stitch or specialty machines.  There are a handful of extremely complex machines we will not handle in this workshop such as the Viking Epic, Brother Luminaire or Stellair, Bernina 5, 7, 8, 9 series (and a few others), or Janome M7 or M17.  Those machines required specific tools and program codes for service and are beyond the scope of this workshop.  Please check with us first if you are unsure about your machine.    

Q:  If I have an issue with a machine, can I contact you for help?  
A:  Yes, the instructor is available during regular hours.  During the testing/BETA phase of the program, you will have plenty of additional help available.  After the program officially launches, you will still have guided help, and there is an option for paid consultation for issues outside of the scope of this program.  

Q:  Do I need any special programs or equipment to participate in any part of the workshop?  
A:  The short answer is no.  All you really need is a cell phone, tablet, or computer to view the on-demand classes and work your way through the workshop.      

Q:  Will this course teach me to service other people's machines?  
A:  YES!  You will build skills that allow you to offer your services to your local community.  We prefer not to use the term ' full service' as this implies timing and other adjustments have been made, which are not taught in this workshop.  But the first 6-7 years of my service business used the skills in this workshop, VSMM program, and Troubleshooting program - I didn't adjust the timing or make complex repairs until later on in my business.    

Q:  I don't live in the United States, can I sign up for this course?  
A:  We do have folks from Canada and the UK in other workshops, and we welcome other countries.  However, we are limited in this capacity at this time, as sewing machines, cleaners, and lubricants available in other countries are often very different than the US, and I cannot promise that we'll be able to assist you with these things we are not familiar with.