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        By submitting this form you agree to our Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy

        By purchasing this course, you acknowledge and agree that:

        *Sewing Doc Academy, or any person, instructor, or employee associated with Sewing Doc Academy, is NOT responsible for any damage sustained to any sewing machine.  We provide as much thorough and accurate detailed instruction as possible, but by removing the covers and getting into the machine, damage and accidents are always possible.    

        *By opening up your machine yourself, you will void any warranties you still have with your machine.  Most warranties expire after the first year or two of your purchase, but we do advise you to check with your dealer on your warranty status before proceeding.  

        *The following machines are NOT specifically included in this program:  Viking Epic series, Brother Luminaire and Stellaire, Babylock Solaris and Altair, Janome M7 and M17, Pfaff Creative Icon series, Bernina 4, 5, 7, or 8 series, and any machine with a camera, projector, or advanced voice-command system.  You can use what you learn in this program to maintain these machines, but the risk of damage or issues is much higher with these machines, and Sewing Doc Academy will NOT offer any specific instruction or guidance on these machines.  We reserve the right to add more machines to this list as needed.  If you aren't sure, ask before your purchase this program.  

        *This is a MAINTENANCE program, NOT a repair program.  This is meant to help you maintain your machine, and will not cover ANY adjustments, timing or otherwise, computer board malfunctions or issues, or replacement of any major parts of the machine.  If you aren't sure about your particular machine, please ask before proceeding with your purchase.    

        *This program is in test/BETA mode - not all material will be fully complete when opened.  Guidance will be available to help you with your specific machines or issues while in this test/BETA phase, but do expect occasional delays while we are still building this program.  Some features, such as the private Facebook group and private community, may not be offered as part of the final program.    

        *All sales are final - no refunds with the purchase of this program.