Troubleshooting like a professional technician

Troubleshooting methods to find the problem and fix it!

Course Summary

Use the exact same procedures used in the Sewing Doc service shop to figure out what's happening with your machine and how to fix it! Troubleshoot by symptom, or use the in-depth troubleshooting as needed!  

When machines come in to our service shop "broken", typically the solution is user error or a minor repair.  Don't let your machine sit in the service shop for weeks only to be told the issue was the wrong bobbin, a burr on a bobbin case, or any other number of minor issues.  Not all issues can be solved with this program, but at least you'll know if your machine REALLY needs to go in for repair.

Discount on consultations for repair or quick fixes to your machine.  One-time purchase; all updates and improvements are included in this purchase, and you own the workshop for life!

Please note that this is a BETA launch, and enrollment will include you as a Founding Member. This means that the enrollment fee is discounted while we use your feedback and experience to make improvements to the workshop.

This workshop is meant to diagnose and solve user error and minor repairs, which are the most common issues with sewing machines.  This workshop alone will NOT cover how to reset timing, make major repairs, replace broken internal parts, or address computer malfunction or damage.  Some of these larger repairs can be addressed through discounted, paid consultation.

Course Curriculum

Andi Barney

Andi Barney, owner and founder of Sewing Doc and Sewing Doc Academy, began servicing vintage and antique machines as a hobby in 2010.  As an avid collector, and hands-on, curious learner, she begin the search for knowledge and instruction on how to clean, service, restore, and repair machines.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much available, and there were no schools, colleges, or programs available.  Thankfully the internet provided crumbs, but much of the information was sketchy, even downright wrong.  The Academy was born due to a lack of skilled, reliable technicians available in most communities.

ALL procedures taught in the Sewing Doc Academy are the same procedures used daily in the Sewing Doc professional service shop.  On average, we service, resore, and repair 1000 - 1200 machines a year.

Course Pricing

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  • ALL updates, expansions, and improvements to this program
  • Discount on paid consultations to fix your machine
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