Vintage Sewing Machine Mastery

Pssst... this is all most vintage & antique machines need to sew again!

Course Summary

Our ultimate goal to help those in our VSMM program reach the level of mastery they desire.  Mastery of any skill is different for everyone, and it is not a fast or easy process. It is a consistent investment of time to develop a mental library of knowledge, intuition, patience, and creative thinking.

  Our hybrid program gives folks new to vintage machines a starting point with our on-demand library, but we also host a weekly and monthly sessions to address hurdles specific to each person and machine, dive deep into specific areas of sewing machine issues, and enjoy the company of others with a common interest.  


Course Curriculum

Andi Barney

Andi Barney, owner and founder of Sewing Doc and Sewing Doc Academy, began servicing vintage and antique machines as a hobby in 2010.  As an avid collector, and hands-on, curious learner, she begin the search for knowledge and instruction on how to clean, service, restore, and repair machines.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much available, and there were no schools, colleges, or programs available.  Thankfully the internet provided crumbs, but much of the information was sketchy, even downright wrong.  The Academy was born due to a lack of skilled, reliable technicians available in most communities.

ALL procedures taught in the Sewing Doc Academy are the same procedures used daily in the Sewing Doc professional service shop.  On average, we service, resore, and repair 1000 - 1200 machines a year.

Course Pricing