Vintage Sewing Machine Mastery

Pssst... this is all most vintage & antique machines need to sew again!

Vintage Sewing Machine Mastery is for you if:    

*You are curious about restoring, cleaning, or fixing old sewing machines but don't know where to start.  
*You can manage most of the process on your own but would feel more confident with a hand on your shoulder to guide you with more complex repairs and troubleshooting.  
*You like the idea of a side business using your skills in vintage machine restoration and maintenance.  
*You can't find answers to your machine issues on YouTube or only find videos that could help if only the lighting wasn't so dark, the camera wasn't so shaky  

*You like the idea of building your skills in a charitable manner
and helping others in your community.

Meet Amy! Amy joined the VSMM program last November and has been building her skills while growing her restoration and repair business in Kentucky. Amy came into the program after learning some of the basics through trial and error on YouTube. She says that having live humans to help in uncertainty is what gave her the confidence to really dig in on offering her services.

VSMM Curriculum
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VSMM Enrollment

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  • 2 free, private, 5-minute consultation sessions
  • 3-month access to monthly LIVE Saturday Clinics & replays
  • 3-month access to weekly LIVE Q&A sessions & replays
  • Lifetime access to on-demand lessons and course downloads
  • Motor Service & Rewiring Learning Library - lifetime access
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Andi Barney

Andi Barney, owner and founder of Sewing Doc and Sewing Doc Academy, began servicing vintage and antique machines as a hobby in 2010.  As an avid collector, and hands-on, curious learner, she begin the search for knowledge and instruction on how to clean, service, restore, and repair machines.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much available, and there were no schools, colleges, or programs available.  Thankfully the internet provided crumbs, but much of the information was sketchy, even downright wrong.  The Academy was born due to a lack of skilled, reliable technicians available in most communities.

ALL procedures taught in the Sewing Doc Academy are the same procedures used daily in the Sewing Doc professional service shop.  On average, we service, resore, and repair 1000 - 1200 machines a year.

You have questions, we have answers!

Q:  Do I have to pay a fee every month?  
A:  You will keep access to the on-demand learning library for life as your reference.  You will need to renew your VSMM EXTRA membership at the end of your third month if you'd like to keep access to the live monthly workshops, weekly sessions, and other live events.  Renewal options include a month-to-month of $29/month.  You will NOT be automatically enrolled, you will need to sign up for renewal, and you can cancel and join any time.  This program is designed to maximize your investment, so you are only paying for the EXTRA benefits when you need them. NO refunds on monthly EXTRA membership.    

Q:  When does the workshop end?  
A:  This is the best:  it doesn't!  It lasts forever… or as long as you need it to!  There is no end or timeline for this course, so you jump in any time and come back to it any time you need to.    

Q:  Who is this course for?  Can just anyone take it?  
A:  Yes!  This course is for anyone interested in learning to clean, lubricate, and restore machines.  Young, old, retired, people that work full-time, people that are just curious, hobbyists, people with lots of machines, people that only have one machine, people wanting side/retirement/full-time income.  Everyone is welcome!  

Q:  I'm not good with tools, will I be okay taking this class?  
A:  YES!  If you don't feel confident using tools, I promise, you're going to be okay in this course.  I wouldn't have considered myself "mechanically inclined" when I first started working with machines, either.  Many of us are, and we just don't know it yet.  There is actually very little done with tools in the class.  This workshop will be a source of empowerment and confidence for you, I can promise you that!  In my live classes, I've had ladies insist that they bring their husbands because they were too afraid of the tools, but I encourage EVERYONE to give it a try because I promise you, you can do it.    

Q:  What machines are covered in this course?  
A:  This workshop covers almost all vintage and antique machines.  It does NOT cover any computerized or modern machines.  There are a few exceptions to suitable vintage machines - we will not cover any Touch & Sew, Futura, Touchtronic or ANY Singer machine where the bobbin is wound inside the machine.  We also won't cover the Viking 6000 series.  We will have workshops that specifically address these machines, as they are much more complex and have common issues.  That's not to say that you still couldn't gain the knowledge to address these machines in this workshop, but we will not cover the common issues or solutions to those machines in this workshop.  We also will not specifically cover industrial machines, but what you learn here will help you clean and restore industrial machines.    

Q:  What does "hybrid" workshop mean?  
A:  It means this class is both on-demand (where you work at your own pace using the videos and tools available to you at any time), and scheduled Zoom classes in the optional membership.  My opinion has always been that attending a live class is great because you have guidance from your instructor, but then it's too easy to forget everything when you leave.  When you do just an on-demand class, you can refer back to it anytime you want, but you don't have the guidance of a live instructor.  Sewing Doc has committed to bringing its participants the best of both worlds to ensure that your journey into sewing machine cleaning, repair, service, and restoration is successful and enjoyable.    

Q:  If I have an issue with a machine, can I contact you for help?  
A:  Yes, the instructor is available during regular hours.  Each week there is a Zoom Q&A session, and even if you can't watch live, your question can be addressed and you can review the information in the replay at your convenience.  A monthly Zoom class will also be hosted each month, and this is a good time to ask questions to get you over the hump.  The point of the hybrid program is to offer you guidance throughout.    

Q:  Do I need any special programs or equipment to participate in the Zoom classes or any part of the workshop?  
A:  The short answer is no.  All you really need is a cell phone, tablet, or computer to view the on-demand classes and work your way through the workshop.  For the Zoom classes, you would need the same, nothing fancy.  You may want to use a cell phone or tablet with a camera on it when you attend a Zoom class, as you can show the instructor exactly what you're looking at on your machine.    

Q:  I know I'll want to attend a Zoom class, but is it complicated?  
A:  I know most of us have had to adapt to new technology as a result of the pandemic, but many are still hesitant.  We will guide you each step of the way in getting set up to work with us, and you will see that participating once or twice will put you at ease.  And if you have any issues getting set up, we will be there to help you.  We like to do an introductory session for anyone new to streaming or other webinar programs.    

Q:  Will this course teach me to service other people's machines?  
A:  YES!  You will build skills that allow you to offer your services to your local community.  We prefer not to use the term 'service' as this implies timing and other adjustments have been made, which are not taught in this workshop.    

Q:  I don't live in the United States, can I sign up for this course?  
A:  Sewing Doc is working on getting set up to open this course up for participants in other countries, so this is coming soon!  Please note that we do have participants from Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia successfully using our programs.