You were meant to service your Featherweight.


Keep your baby running, and never pay service fees again!

This isn't a cute little "clean under the bobbin plate" class.  This is the real deal, the same procedures Andi Barney and her technicians use everyday in the Sewing Doc service shop!

‚ÄčThe Singer 221 (and 222) was manufactured in the most simplistic, efficient way, and was specifically designed to be cared for by the owner.  You will learn the clean your machine the same we do!


What You Will Learn:

  • Removing covers, plates, screws, and parts

  • Proper cleaning and lubrication products

  • How to clean gears and all moving parts

  • Checking motor brushes and re-lubricating motor ports

  • Changing the belt, adjusting the tension

  • Adjusting bobbin tension

  • Changing a lightbult

  • Cleaning and polishing the exterior to really make it shine

  • How to wind a bobbin, thread the machine, and make it sew

  • How to replace the external lead cord

  • How to service Singer 221, 222, and 301 machines

  • And so much more!



Learn the exact same procedures used in the Sewing Doc professional machine service shop!


We offer support and assistance if you feel stuck or uncertain how to proceed. Complex issues? We will help!


This workshop will increase your confidence in using your machine, and understanding how it works and why!


The cost of learning to service your machine costs about the same as two service fees with a professional. Imagine the savings in travel and service fees year after year...


Instead of having to take your machine to someone and wait for weeks to get it back, you can service your machine when it's convenient for you - at 10 a.m. or 2 a.m.

""I was afraid I would make a fool of myself because I'm not good with tools. But this class was so satisfying! Yes, I got dirty, and yes, I had to do things I wasn't immediately comfortable with, but I loved every minute of it!" "

Carol B.
Workshop Participant

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  • Notification of new material when it's added to the course
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  • 2-Day access to course material - use and review the course material as much as you like for 48 hours
  • Ask questions within the course for guidance and assistance in servicing your machine during the 2-day access
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Frequently Asked Questions

Andi Barney is the owner and Master Technician of Sewing Doc, a professional sewing machine service shop in Kennesaw, GA.  Her shop specializes in vintage and antique machines, which offers services most dealers and other shops won't do, and she also services modern machines.  All of the Sewing Doc Academy workshops teach you the exact same procedures used in the professional service shop.  You can learn more about Andi and Sewing Doc HERE.

Yes, there is always expert help available if you get stuck!  On each lesson in the workshop, there is a place to ask questions for the instructor.  You should receive a response within 1 business day or less.  There will also be an exclusive Facebook group available for participants of this class. 

No!  The beauty of the Featherweight machine is that it was designed specifically to be serviced by YOU, the owner!  You'll need a few basic flathead screwdrivers, and you'll need some cleaning supplies and materials, most of which you already have in your home.

Yes!  This workshop will walk you through every step in great detail, so it is ideal for all ages and all skill levels.  Even if you feel like you aren't mechanically inclined, I promise you, you can do this!


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