Sewing Doc Academy LIVE, virtual Open House:

06/01/23 Programs for learning machine service skills

By Andi Barney, Professional Technician

Ever wanted to learn how to service and maintain your sewing machine yourself, or restore and care for vintage machines?  Considering a side business or career in this industry?  Join us for a LIVE, virtual open house to hear how our programs work - we'll have a LIVE Q&A session at the end!

    Thursday June 01 , 2023

    At 02:00 PM EDT

    Webinar Session has ended now.

Ever thought of learning how to service, repair, and restore sewing machines?
We'll show you how you can learn from anywhere with expert guidance!

Whether you just want to learn to take care of your own machines to save time and money, or if you want to build a small business or retirement income, our programs help you build your skills in both vintage and modern sewing machines.

How to get started

There are many starting points, and we have a recommended path to learning no matter your personal goals

How Sewing Doc Academy keeps learning these skills affordable

By keeping entry costs low, offering lifetime access, and spreading out learning programs, we do everything we can to keep our programs accessible

Details on all our programs

You'll see inside each of the 4 main programs, what they look like, and how they work

What a business or side income looks like in machine service

Here we'll show how people in our programs are building their own small business for income with our guidance and support

Hear about our community for sewing machine enthusiasts

If no one understands your love for sewing machines and want to learn more, you'll connect with other enthusiasts!

All programs are DISCOUNTED during our Open House Event!!!


Andi Barney

Andi Barney is a professional technician and main instructor for Sewing Doc Academy.  After 13 years of working in her own service shop, she is solely focused on teaching her machine service, repair, restoration, and troubleshooting skills to other machine enthusiasts.